Perthshires Biking Centre; Known as "Glassie BIke Park"

Glassie Bike Park has been established with input from local biking enthusiasts and permission from the landowners of Glassie Farm to use approximately 70 acres of land, (started; November 2020).
The site at Glassie Farm, already home The Bunkhouse and The Armadilla, is currently being developed by planting up the areas around the tracks with native trees leaving space for wildlife to establish naturally. 

About Perthshires Biking Centre; Glassie Bike Park

We have permission from the landowners at Glassie Farm to develop approximately 70 acres of land into a biking centre for all varieties of bikes. 

The trails and tracks will be built over the next year or so with guidance from groups such as Tayside Trail Association and Scottish Cycling who are at the forefront of British cycling development.    

Glassie Bike Park is a charitable set up to help bring together the local communities and get the area linked up better with cycle routes of all types - from mountain to road bikes and everything in-between.  

We will also develop walking routes around Glassie Farm which link up with the town to take in the fantastic views of the valley and beyond, with the instillation of seats at variuos stages of the core path route through the Biking Park grounds. If you wish to sponsor a seat, contact us for more details on how to do this.

The pictures below show the latest developments on site. 

Join Ray at to follow the development of biking in the Aberfeldy area.


Click here to view a map of the area surrounding Perthshire Biking Centre

Establishing Glassie Bike Park at Glassie Farm

Julian Rickard and Louise Olipant owners of Glassie Farm have been successfully running The Bunkhouse and The Armadilla at Glassie Farm for many years. They saw a gap in the facilities offered in the area and knew they were in a position to help revive and further enhance the local area by promoting a community-led biking / walking centre.

They are putting forward 60-70 acres of land to be used in the project, as well as supplying pipes to help track builders and topping grass for track routes as a start, plus plenty more. Here they are topping bracken / long grass for 2 routes down in to a wooded area. (Thank you to John Rickard). 

Whilst The Bunkhouse and The Armadilla are seperate entities to the Biking Park, they are also an additional asset as a facility which allows groups will be able to stay on-site for courses and have use of a classroom if required.



The formation of a Glassie Bike Park Club is underway as we are now affiliated to Scottish Cycling;

Membership Number; 1000938. 

If you fancy helping develop this community project then please contact us, thank you.